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Making Movies
I've been interested in filmmaking for quite a while. In August 2008, I created my MattBynumFilms Youtube Channel. Here are some of the latest videos:

Strong Stuff
Are you an Average American? Wouldn't you rather be Building an Olympic Body Through Bodyweight Conditioning? While you are taking a break from your workout, you can check out these links:

Equipment Join the Russian Revolution with Kettlebells. Learn to get a grip with Ironmind Hand Grippers. Practice the Muscle Up with Power Rings. You will be Hanging 10 with the Indo Board.

Cool Exercises Try the Muscle Up, Pistol (one leg squat), and the Turkish Get-up. Even more exercises can be found at Beast Skills.

Vinyl Records
While growing up, I listened to a great series of vinyl records for children: Tale Spinners. Here are some other good children's vinyl records websites: Children's Vinyl Record Series and Kiddie Records Weekly.

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Last updated: May 23 2009